The Path of Transformation

By Ginny May Schiros: The turning of the seasons is inevitable now, and Winter rolls into Spring. This is the story of our transformation too in the heart of Divine Love.  We can long day and night for the change in ourselves to come. We can be impatient when it seems to be too difficult or full of pain. We can tire or lose sight of the goal. What we can know for sure, though, is that in the end–or maybe sooner–no matter what our limited understanding can imagine, we will be transformed.

There is a story about this that my mother once taught me as a small child. She didn’t know she was teaching me about transformation, but the lesson came to me all the same. As we walked down the street hand in hand, she bent to pick up pieces of a broken bottle from the sidewalk. In simple words, she said that we all have our part in loving one another.  Picking up the glass was what God had asked of us in that moment. She knew what it meant to be in communion with the family of our Creator and didn’t hesitate to be of service without credit or knowledge of who it would help.  She knew God’s Earth as a home.

The greater lesson here is that when we join hands and hearts to the forces of transformation, love will carry us all the way to whatever creative end is in store for us. The timeline is not ours to know or to worry about.  What is important is that we keep doing our part and supporting others as they are doing theirs. For those who are still asleep in the winter of spiritual growth and seem to be stuck, we can warm them with loving encouragement to wake up. Just as it is for us, it is also in nature.  The hardy snowdrops are the first flowers to make their appearance in the final days of winter, but the lilacs and peonies wait until summer is almost here to put forth their delicate blossoms.  It’s a good metaphor to help us remember that not everyone is moving at the same pace on the path of transformation. Trust, kindness and courage will help us all get to where we need to be in God’s timeless heart of love.

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