What I have learned about faith, prayer and God from my little backyard garden

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There is a time for everything, a season for every purpose under heaven:
a season to be born and a season to die; a season to plant and a season to harvest…                                                                                                 Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

I have often said that my prayer life is strongest from May to October. When I have the opportunity to be working in my yard I experience deep contentment. Often I’ll go to my parents’ house to work in their yard. And my dad asks repeatedly why I like to work outside so much. My reply is always the same – It’s free therapy.

In Ecclesiastes we are reminded that we plant and harvest. That of course is not a literal statement but rather a spiritual one. So I ask myself, what have I planted lately? What seeds have been watered? What dirt have I overturned?

What have I learned through gardening?

That there is a quiet that grabs me
That I hate skitchy, dirty things in public, but I love my dirt, worms and bugs
That there doesn’t have to be a design that makes sense because anything goes
That the weeds are as unique as every flower I have ever planted
That perennials are my dearest friends
That shade is important
That sunshine really does make things grow
That basil and peppermint make a great floral arrangement – and the smell of the two together is amazing
That cherry tomatoes are pure delight
That cracked and broken pots make for lovely garden art
That sweet peat works wonders
That cat mint is ideal for the indoor cat
That there is a variety of plants that have purple flowers

But what goes deeper than all of this? What do these things have to do with my spirituality?

That life is messy and I have to accept things as they come – there will be dirt
That surprises come each and every day – so many shades of colors; perennials return with little to no effort
That there is genuine serenity in the garden or anywhere I choose to want to find it
That there is beauty in brokenness; that when things break – people included –
That I need to figure how to connect in a way that will help to put things back in order
That there is reason and order in life – but when I don’t see it, that’s okay
That when things appear ugly or out of control (weeds) I can change my perspective and see with new eyes

So many life lessons in the garden…

The greatest of all…God is extremely chatty when I am quietly working away in the dirt.



2 thoughts on “What I have learned about faith, prayer and God from my little backyard garden

  1. Kim says:

    Thank you Betsy. I’m sure you speak for all of us who love their Gardens. How lucky we are to have our own little bit of Earth that is a refuge and a rendezvous.

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