Awaken our Hearts

Spring ushers forth new life. If we are paying attention to the natural world we find buds on trees and greens poking through the hard cracked ground; we find baby bunnies and lambs and calves; the air is different – it feels refreshing though it might be only 28 degrees; the sun appears to be holding us gently. It is a time when so much comes to life. Even us.

In my backyard the irises are beginning to make an appearance. They are such a stark contrast to the dead leaves, the dry dirt, and broken branches that surround them. Looking at the patch where they are doing their best to come forth it appears that things have been rather rough and harsh over the past few months.

Not unlike us, right? We go through periods that sometimes are grueling. Life can be harsh. The ground is hard and mean. But we are resilient. And, we are resurrection people. We know we are going to come out on the other side better, stronger, braver. This Spring let us be aware of God’s Love that always surrounds us; let us be blessing to one another and become the image that we reflect.

It’s been a long winter and perhaps for some a longer Lenten journey. But we have arrived on the other side of the resurrection. Psalm 107 (Nan C. Merrill version) reminds us of the Love and the Presence of our God.
We give thanks to You,  Source of Love; whose Light shines forth throughout the universe!
Come, awaken our hearts that we might do your Work; for, without You, we can do
                nothing; ‘tis your Love that loves through us.
 For we are invited to radiate the Divine Presence, to be blessing to one another; thus do we
                become the very image that we reflect.

Betsy Nero

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