God Weeps

September Blog by Peggy Gerovac

A friend of mine shared with me recently a song of lament called “God Weeps.” It gripped my soul with its frank lyrics and moving melody that brought me to pain immediately. It seems that there are so many reasons for God’s tears in the world that I read about and see daily.  It is a comfort to me when I can share these deep feelings of hurt in solidarity with the Divine.  I do this as I play this song over and over again. In some way it acknowledges the burdens I carry and validates that I am not alone. This pain is carried by most if not all people.

We can be struggling with personal hurts that only intimate relationships, like that with our Loving God, can come close to sharing. There are hurts in the devastation inflicted on the great gift of our earth by our own lifestyles. We may be struggling with the pain of division, not the plan of creation, which politics seems to feed daily, and for many of us spiritual seekers, pain from the catastrophic disappointments of the institutional church.  My fellow Catholics and I are most notably suffering, with the abuse and cover-up crisis that doesn’t seem to end, it just keeps growing.

Where do we go with our pain? How can we grow from it and not let the pain make us less than we aspire to become?

Certainly our time with God in silent engagement is essential so that we can share our burden with the One who knows it best. Centering Space has been a hospitable haven for me in these personal times as well as during reflective prayer, retreats and programs.  There is always a time to let God in during silence.

There is also time to share and grow with companions on the journey. There are so many seekers with different life experiences and reflections that I seem to gain from this connectedness that is essential for human growth.

Here is a link to the song if you are interested.

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