Our Mission

Centering Space sign

Centering Space is a ministry of prayer, listening and discernment. Our goal is to enable ordinary people from any background to discover the presence of God in their lives through quiet attention to the voice of the Spirit.

In our fast paced society, there is a great need to find a place of stillness to attend to the inner promptings of the Spirit. All who hunger for an awareness of God’s everyday presence or those who seek God’s direction in a specific event or life choice as well as those who are looking for the prayerful support of community are invited to experience the ministry of Centering Space.

Mission Statement

In Centering Space we strive to discern the action of the Spirit in the lives of persons seeking a more profound response to God’s call in their lives. We do this by creating community characterized by:

  • A prayerful environment
  • An atmosphere of attentive listening to experiences and aspirations
  • Support through mentoring and spiritual direction
  • Opportunities to discern life choices and ministry options
  • Resources, both human & material

We are 501c3 and donations are tax deductible