Spring Resurrection

Spring comes gradually, sprout by sprout and bud by bud, a swelling along the maple twigs and a spike of daffodil or crocus the first day, just a slight bit higher the next. Air warms and then returns to cold, but perhaps not quite as cold as before. It’s an unfolding, an evolutionary event. So […]

Living Lent

As I sit here at my morning prayer, a gray squirrel is shivering on the fence, sparrows are foraging in the feeder for seeds and “Tyler’s tree” stands patiently, gradually  receiving the sap that the sun is drawing through its twigs and branches. All are waiting for spring.   I, too, look forward to spring; […]

winter 2015

At last, snow! Is it perfect when it covers surfaces and yet is not enough to have to shovel? It’s Monday, an ordinary day, January 5, a new year. Watching the wind swirl light snow into mist clouds, I recall that no two snowflakes are alike. All that snow and each flake is unique. How […]

Advent 2014

In this season of love and openness, we are again given the chance to open our hearts to each other and all creation. We give gifts in imitation of the greatest of Gift Givers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could open the space in our hearts to give each other the gift of respect, […]