New Life Unfolds

Ah, the glory of Spring! Blossoms in every rainbow color and soft new leaves unfolding in so many shades of living green and the birds—singing, twittering, flitting. So alive! The exuberance of it all touches something deep in me. Winter didn’t win! Except that maybe this year it took the butterfly bush, so we’ve a […]

Growing in Love

After such a harsh winter, it is difficult for me to think about embracing a Lent based on struggle. Maybe I have had enough struggles for a bit and this Lenten season calls for something else. Not something easy or without meaning. I want to grow my relationship with the Divine Lover. I believe “grow” […]

Reflections for the Seasons

In honor of our Tenth Anniversary, Centering Space has published a compilation of prayer reflections, culled from prayers presented at Centering Space’s weekly reflective prayer hour over the past decade. The 52 prayer reflections, divided into the four seasons, provide you with inspirational material on which to focus your prayer and meditation time each week. […]

New Client Landed

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Heart wide open

There is something about June and the advent of summer that opens up my heart in gratitude for the beauty, endurance and abundance of our world. Perhaps it’s the flowers that captivate me when I take my walks at work on my lunch hour. Maybe it’s the vegetable garden that my husband plants in May. […]


It’s April, a transition month! Snow turns into rain, a slightly warmer form of moisture. Daffodils join the sturdy snowdrops and brave crocuses to color the world.  Muddy spots begin to green. Lengthening daylight anticipates summer. What is in transition in your life.? God-with-us is always doing something new. Here at Centering Space we have […]

Welcome to 2013!

I used to get the post-Christmas doldrums. With the brightness and beauty of the Christmas season passed, January seemed almost a mourning season. It doesn’t help that it is also the darkest month of the year characterized by difficult weather in NE Ohio. But as my prayer life deepened over the years, I came to […]