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One With God

September Blog by Sr. Mary Ann Andrews, CSA (from our archives) Autumn is once again transforming our part of the planet. Realizing the interdependence between my own life and that of the planet, I discover an earth filled with beauty and song. The movements of nature— the changing colors, the harvesting of crops, the letting […]

What I have learned about faith, prayer and God from my little backyard garden

Betsy Nero’s Blog There is a time for everything, a season for every purpose under heaven: a season to be born and a season to die; a season to plant and a season to harvest…                                                                                                 Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 I have often said that my prayer life is strongest from May to October. When I have the opportunity […]

Love Wins

Every lover needs a lovee. Some say that’s why God created … the Universe, Earth, all living things, us. The miracle of true love occurs when the lovee becomes lover and the dance of partnership makes it impossible to tell which is which. The two exchange roles as stars twinkle and it doesn’t matter which […]

Hit the Reset Button

By Syndie Eardly   Put this at the top of your 2017 resolution list: I promise to hit the reset button every morning. Hitting the reset button means starting fresh every day, believing that you are loved unconditionally by the Great Creator, completely forgiven for everything in the past, and invited once again to participate […]

Heart Giving

Whenever you give, give from the heart! In this season of self-conscious generosity, we tend to see gifts as things, something that can be wrapped and ribboned; something tangible. Although very often the most appreciated gifts are those that cannot be unwrapped and opened, seen or touched. Easiest to see in older folks who already […]

Retreat Ahead

A dear friend reminds me occasionally that what she calls “nun-speak” or “sister-speak” is not clear to the average layperson. For example when we say “slide” meaning the cafeteria counter where food is set out for selection, all kinds of images may come to mind, but probably not the one that we intend. Come to […]