Current Prayer

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

There is nothing to fear. You can do no wrong. ~  There are some fundamental beliefs that emerge from the new and old testaments, as well as in the writing of religious scholars of many traditions and practices, including The Tao and Buddhism. The first – and the one we hear most often – is that we are loved unconditionally. The other two are concepts that are more difficult for us to get our minds around: 1) we have nothing to fear and 2) we can do no wrong. In a world that is filled with suffering and what we have traditionally called “sin” how can these things be true? Our spirit, existing in this earthly form, has no fear and so enters in the “play” of life and creation willingly and joyfully, with no concern for the outcome. It is only the ego that gets entangled in the web of fear, sin, judgment and uncertainty. Learning to trust the love that gave birth to our form can set our spirits free, even in the midst of our earthly challenges.  Syndie Eardly

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