Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christ walks the earth as your neighbor. Dietrich Bonhoeffer  ~ The book, The Mystery of Holy Night, is a collection of reflections and sermons by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This book has been a real challenge for me.  The reflection Those Who Go to the Manger Will be Transformed asks if this Advent and Christmas event is one where I am a bystander or am I drawn in to be converted.  This book of reflections is helping me to ponder the idea of what it is I am waiting for this Advent. What is this mystery of the Incarnation and what specifically does it mean in my life right now? How am I being called to be Christ for others as our world carries so many troubles – fleeing immigrants, apocalyptic fires, homelessness, debilitating poverty? How am I responding to despair and hopelessness?  For Bonhoeffer it is clear that one cannot be a spectator but must be an actor.  Betsy Nero

Click here for a PDF of the prayer for December 11