"A quiet sanctuary for reflection"

Prayer Circle

Prayer is practiced and experienced individually and in groups at Centering Space. Connecting with God differs for us as we walk through different stages of our spiritual journey and no two journeys are the same. At Centering Space, we provide an atmosphere of prayer as well as many diverse formats for prayer, each of them giving us opportunities in the quiet where we hear the Spirit.


Centering Space is a collaborative ministry of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine and is managed by Core Circle, a team that includes full time staff and part time volunteers. As the programs at Centering Space are meant to be a shared experience of God’s presence in our lives, all participants are encouraged to participate in the care and support of the house to the extent each participant is able. We wholeheartedly welcome the sharing of talents and interests for the growth and development of our programs, as well as the care of the premises.


Centering Space is located in a spacious century home in Lakewood, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie. It shares the beautiful lake front property with the Lakewood Catholic Academy. The school campus offers a grotto honoring the Blessed Mother and expansive lakefront property for reflection. Sunsets on Lake Erie are known to be spectacular!

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