Current Prayer

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel, God’s Son, God’s Self, with us to dwell. The O Antiphons have been described as “a unique work of art and a special ornament of the pre-Christmas liturgy, filled with the Spirit of the Word of God”. They “create a poetry that fills the liturgy with its splendor”, and their composer shows “a magnificent command of the Bible’s wealth of motifs”. The antiphons are, in fact, a collage of Old Testament types of Christ. Their predominant theme is messianic, stressing the hope of the Savior’s coming. Jesus is invoked by various titles, mainly taken from the prophet Isaiah. The sequence progresses historically, from the beginning, before creation, to the very gates of Bethlehem. Tonight we will pray the O Antiphons and reflect on God With Us, what that means and how we live it.  Peggy Gerovac

Click here for a PDF of the prayer booklet for December 5