Spiritual Directors

Liz Cotter

Through the ministry of spiritual direction, I feel I can make a difference in people’s lives. I feel that the Holy Spirit works through us to help each other on the spiritual path. We can encounter God’s presence not only in the Eucharist, and in our deepest spiritual reflection, but in the beauty of our connectedness as humans. Through the ministry of spiritual direction, I hope to help others discover the divine within…to be the second listener reflecting back God’s presence in their lives.


Mary Beth Marquard

I use a wholistic approach to spiritual direction. I believe in the mind, body, spirit connection. With my pastoral ministry experience and my master’s degree in counseling from John Carroll university, I feel I can help facilitate a balance in others as they journey toward wholeness and holiness. If you would like to meet please call me at 440-503-0005.

Syndie Eardly

My journey, like so many spiritual seekers, has not been a straight path. Raised a Catholic, I became an atheist in my late teens. In a strange way, becoming an atheist wiped the slate clean of “required beliefs” so that as I began my spiritual quest, I was open to exploring my relationship with God with new and fresh perspectives.
My spiritual practice has included meditation, prayer, readings, retreats, and the creation of personal rituals for healing and growth. These practices have saved my life, becoming as important to sustaining me as food and water. While other mundane realities of my life have faded from memory, the richness of the experiences I have had in my prayer life, and the transformative events that have taken place at the heart of my ritual and retreat practices, live on in me as powerful and empowering realities.
I completed a two-year certificate program in spiritual direction at John Carroll University’s Ignatian Spirituality Institute in 2010, and soon joined Centering Space as a prayer leaders and spiritual director.
One evening, an attendee at Centering Space prayer said to me, “Prayer is the most powerful tool we have.” I feel that my life is witness to that truth, and find tremendous joy in sharing that reality with others through my work at Centering Space and in my daily life with everyone I encounter.
I invite you to email me to set up a time to learn more about Spiritual Direction or Centering Space.


Rev. Delmarshae Sledge

My practice of spiritual direction developed in the context of an historic monastery as a member of an intentional community with a ministry of prayer, racial reconciliation, healing, and spiritual development. Living by the community rule and ordering time by the community rhythm was helpful. Learning the value of having a personal rule of life and a personal rhythm of spiritual practices was a priceless gift.

For all of us, there are seasons when spiritual reading, prayer, meditation, journaling, and practicing silence are acts of great ease and joy. In those times, we need a spiritual companion to listen with us as we discern how to live faithfully into each new revelation.

There are also seasons of debilitating dryness. Still, God is always near. These are times when we need someone to watch and wait and listen with us, until we can see and hear and feel God’s presence in the ordinary rhythms of life.

For me, companioning persons on the journey of spiritual awakening, formation, and transformation is a privilege.

Carol Kandiko, CSA

Learning to live in the loving presence of God is my current gift and challenge as well as accepting the rollercoaster ride of aging with graciousness and humor. I am still and always growing in wonder and delight at life’s idiosyncrasies.
I love sharing spiritual insights with others, planning prayer experiences, and keeping the facility of Centering Space open and welcoming.