Heart Giving

Whenever you give, give from the heart!

In this season of self-conscious generosity, we tend to see gifts as things, something that can be wrapped and ribboned; something tangible. Although very often the most appreciated gifts are those that cannot be unwrapped and opened, seen or touched.

Easiest to see in older folks who already have enough stuff, but crave a bit of attention. Someone to listen to their memories, to cherish their stories, to offer them a time of company in their loneliness. But children also need (and can be taught to appreciate) the attention and companionship of adults who love them. Giving of your time is giving of your love and says to whomever receives it, “You are worthwhile!” “You matter!” Or in the words of the Desiderata “You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here…” We all need to experience that belongingness and sense of being loved.

So as much as you can, give your time, your service, your presence. Even a smile to passers-by can create an atmosphere of peace and security.

When non-profits request donations many of us are accustomed to thinking in terms of what are called the “works of mercy.” How do these organizations help the poor with concrete services, “feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, heal the sick…” These essential acts of love and charity belong to the infrastructure of our year round giving as well as the extra we offer at holiday time. All philanthropists focus on measurable outcomes of such charities.

Besides these “Corporal Works of Mercy” is a set of “Spiritual Works of Mercy” that are less tangible and therefore harder to justify, although just as necessary. These include counseling the doubtful, consoling the afflicted, praying for each other, just being present to the lonely and those who feel they don’t belong. Centering Space is a ministry that offers these spiritual gifts to any one who comes to our door.

You are invited to share in supporting these non-measurable, but very real services of love by making a donation to Centering Space. You are always in our prayers which we offer from the heart of our ministry and the hearts of those who find peace and inner healing here. Thank you!


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