One With God

September Blog by Sr. Mary Ann Andrews, CSA (from our archives)

Autumn is once again transforming our part of the planet. Realizing the interdependence between my own life and that of the planet, I discover an earth filled with beauty and song. The movements of nature— the changing colors, the harvesting of crops, the letting go of fruits and seeds are invitations from our God to pause and to reflect as well as to enjoy the beauty of the season.

Each gift of the season has its counterpart in the gifts and movements to our lives. We, too, move in cycles and seasons and have life experiences that reflect the slowing down and storing up of autumn. The richness of summer growth has given place to the ripeness of autumn abundance.

Perhaps you will recall other autumns and compare where you were in your life’s journey to where you find yourself today. What are the colors of your life? What are the present movements in your heart? What in your life need’s some “letting go?” Take stock of what you have given and received and realize that it is enough. Ask the Spirit to guide you in your reflections, remembering always that God is your faithful Companion on your journey. – Mary Ann Andrews, CSA

“As you, O Autumn, take pleasure in your great bounty, let me also take delight in the abundance of the simple things in life which are the true source of joy.” – Ed Hays

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