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Sharing Happiness

June is the month when dreams come true.  We celebrate graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and vacations.  Flowers begin to blossom, herbs and veggies sprout, neighbors gather to plan block parties, and we master the art of grilling outside. Looking closely at the events of the past few weeks, we notice stunning contrasts in family celebrations. We […]

Just Show Up

I stepped out of my Aunt’s small house – tucked down under a big tree whose bare branches hung dormant over the thawing landscape – and started along the rain-sodden path to my car. The fading light of the gray Spring day muted everything in the quiet landscape around my Aunt’s semi-rural home, which is […]

The Gift of Presence

December Blog 2017 by Carol Kandiko, CSA I barely remember my childhood expectation that the spirit of Christmas was getting presents. I do remember that Santa brought them! Delightful surprises! Simple gifts that Mom and Dad could afford. I more consciously remember growing into the awareness that the real meaning of Christmas was giving presents: taking […]

One With God

September Blog by Sr. Mary Ann Andrews, CSA (from our archives) Autumn is once again transforming our part of the planet. Realizing the interdependence between my own life and that of the planet, I discover an earth filled with beauty and song. The movements of nature— the changing colors, the harvesting of crops, the letting […]